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We had a busy weekend.  One of my best friends from high school brought his twin boys up for a freestyle wrestling tournament on Saturday.  So we went and spent the day with them and watched one of their kids wrestle.  One of his twins couldn’t wrestle because he recently had a tumor removed from his leg.  His other kid easily won his bracket.  He’s a stud of a wrestler and is rated number one in the country in his age (he’s 11) and weight class.

After the wrestling tournament, they came over to the house and we grilled out and chatted for a while.  After they left, we went over to another friend of ours house.  They were having a crawfish boil.  His wife is from Louisiana and she throws this crawfish boil every year on Mother’s day weekend.  I refused the crawfish, but I tried her jambalaya and bread pudding and they were both great.  Southern’s know how to eat!

On Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day.  Mia made her a cook book with recipes from her and all her classmates from school.  I got Jennifer a card I forgot to sign (oops!), a box of chocolate from the candy factory across the street from my work and a charm for her bracelet.  It was a baby carriage, since we are 14 weeks pregnant.  It’s still weird to say that.  10 years of trying and thousands spent on medical procedures and finally, after giving up the procedures, we get it done on our own.  We also had Outback for dinner.  And of course, my wife had to work, but it was productive.  She wrote an offer on a house for some clients and it was accepted.

Speaking of pregnancy.  A couple weeks back, Jennifer tested positive for m-antibodies.  Her doctor passed on the results to a specialist and they said the levels were really low and that they were not worried about it, but they would continue to monitor the levels.  Well, her levels are higher from last week’s blood test, so she now has to see the specialist.  There is little online about it; however, I did find a baby website that had a thread about it and it was discussed in detail.  Out of all the antigens to get, the M is the best.  It’s very rare and issues with the baby are even rarer.  However, they will need to monitor from here on out.  Jennifer told me all of this before from talking to the doctor, but I like to do my own research. From my experiences in life, nothing can just come easy.

This morning I got a call from my brother that my grandma had a stroke and it didn’t look like she would make it.  Her left side was paralyzed, she wasn’t responsive and she was rushed to the hospital.  A few hours later he called and updated me.  A brain scan showed no blood to the brain and she opened her eyes briefly.  She was also able to squeeze a nurse’s hand with both her hands and she moved her toes.  So, that is a positive sign.  They haven’t ruled out a stroke or anything serious yet…but the situation certainly seems much better now than before.  They are wondering if it was a reaction to some new medication she is on.


They say spring is coming.  Well, one look outside and I disagree.  It’s cold and we still have a lot of snow.  One year ago, we had our trampoline put up and Mia was doing back flips on it while wearing a sun dress.  Fast forward one year and I am trying to figure out how the Minnesota Twins are going to play their season opener next Monday.

ImageImageImageOver the weekend, we got some updated puppy pictures.  The puppies are now 26 days old and weigh between 5 ¼ and 7 ½ pounds.  Once again, we are focusing on the females in this litter.

We watched This is Forty over the weekend.  We had heard this was a hilarious movie.  So, we actually bought it.  It started off with some good laughs, less so in the middle and the end was horrible.  They left a ton of things open.  We asked each other: “what did they do about this” and “what did they do about that”?  This is Forty, Minutes too Long, is a more appropriate title to this movie.  In hindsight, we should have rented it from the RedBox in lieu of buying the Blu-Ray.

March Madness has come and gone and it was a good tournament.  Dake verses Taylor was as good as advertised.  Going into the match Dake hadn’t allowed a point in his previous four matches.  Taylor was more dominate with four pins in his previous four matches.


Kyle Dake – 165 pound Champ

The match started off with a quick takedown from Taylor.  At that point, I was a bit worried.  However, Dake quickly earned an escape and followed that up with a takedown of his own.  The final score was 5-4, in favor of Dake.  In doing so, Dake made history by being the first wrestler to win four National Championships in four different weight classes.


2013 Individual Champs

Penn State ended up winning the team championship for the third straight year.  The Gophers ended up in third and had one champion, HWY Tony Nelson (his 2nd).  Oklahoma State got 2nd.

In the other event (basketball)…some refer to as March Madness, both my Iowa State Cyclones and Minnesota Gophers lost in the second round.  So, my interest in that event went from “somewhat interested” to “not interested”.

March Madness

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March Madness

March Madness has begun!  The real March Madness that is.  The 2013 NCAA Wrestling Championships are currently underway in my home state of Iowa, at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IA.  I wish I was there!

I know, this time of year everyone in the sports world is captivated with some kind of basketball tournament.  But, that doesn’t appeal to me.  I would much rather watch wrestling.  Of course, you can’t find the wrestling tournament on TV (expect the finals), which really pisses me.


Kyle Dake


David Taylor

I look forward to seeing if the best wrestler (Cornell’s Kyle Dake) since Cael Sanderson can win another title.  His toughest test yet (Penn State’s David Taylor) will be waiting for him in the finals.  They have met before with Dake coming out with a narrow victory, but there will be more on the line this time.  It should be an epic showdown.

So, until the finals…you can follow the results on  Go Cyclones and Go Gophers!