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ImageI haven’t posted about this, but the Minnesota Wild (my hockey team) is in the playoffs for the first time in years.  They are playing the number one seed Chicago Blackhawks.  So far, the Blackhawks have won three games to the Wild’s one in the best of seven series. 

Things are looking bleak for the Wild.  Prior to game one, the Wild number one goalie (Niklas Backstrom) hurt himself in pre-game warmups.  So, the Wild had to turn to Josh Harding.  Harding has missed most of this year dealing with issues related to having multiple sclerosis (MS), which would make for a great blog post on its own. 

Last night, game number four, Harding himself was injured and the Wild had to turn to their third goalie.  He proceeded to allow an extremely soft goal to make it 2-0.  Another goal later in the game, from a very difficult angle made it 3-0.  It didn’t matter, if you can’t even score one goal…you’re never going to win.

Game Five is this Thursday evening and I don’t like the Wild’s odds of going to Chicago and winning on the road.  However, the last big playoff push for the Wild was in 2003.  That year the Wild were down 3-1 in the first two rounds of the playoffs and came back to win both.  So, anything is possible.


Playoff Beard

Hockey playoffs also means growing your playoff beard.  I have never had a beard before and I am not liking the gray on the chin.  But, as long as the Wild remain in the playoffs, I am keeping the beard.  And who knows, maybe I’ll keep it a bit longer. 

For those that follow my blog.  Our puppy, Griz, is getting bigger and bigger.  He’s also learning everyday.  We got him to learn the steps.  Which is good because we have a lot of steps off our deck.  He loves to bite still, but that is expected.  Oh, one last thing…we are telling our daughter Mia our little secret from my last blog tonight.