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Freakin Snow

Posted: April 23, 2013 in rant
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ImageA view from a window here at work.  A classic winter day, a beauty of a scene.  Fresh snow hugging the limbs of a tree.  Until you notice the date on the photo.  Will this winter wonderland ever end?  Damn you Jack Frost!

Our Husky, on the other hand, is loving this right now.  And he seems to mock me while sitting on our deck in 6 inches of snow.  While we have had a month of spring ripped away from us.  He’s gotten an extra month of winter.

70’s by this weekend.  It’s about time.


It’s April 22nd and we are expecting 6-10 inches of snow today here in Minnesota.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  There does seem to be light at the end of this winter tunnel.  Early reports show we should be hitting 70’s by this weekend.  But, it’s depressing to think we have already lost almost a month of spring.

The end of this week will bring about more change than just the weather.  I have talked often about getting a new puppy and have shown updated pictures of the litter throughout.  Well, either this Friday or Saturday, we will be heading north about 3 and a half hours to pick him up.  At this point, he is nameless.  My wife and I have arguing back and forth with names we prefer and so far, neither has budged.  We will come up with something, hopefully in the next day or two.

Here are the most resent pictures we received.  The litter weights range from 15 to 23.1 pounds.  Our boy is the largest puppy in the litter, by far.  Just look at those feet!  He’s going to be a giant.  Which is remarkable considering we went into this process as the last pick of 7 with the preference of the largest male.  We got exactly what we wanted.  To make things even better, the reports we get back about his temperament and personality are very similar to that of Kodi.  We can’t wait to finally meet him.