ImageRegarding television, my favorite thing in the world is watching the Vikings.  After that, it’s the NFL draft.  I had every intention to do an NFL mock draft for my blog.  However, life is busy and I haven’t had time.  But, more than that, this might be the worst year to do a mock draft.  From the reports I hear, there is going to be a ton of activity in this draft with teams trading up and trading down.  So, a few trades here and there will blow up even the best of mock drafts.

So, I am just going to focus on who I believe the Vikings should take.  The Vikings have the 23rd overall pick and the 25th overall pick (from the Percy Harvin trade).  Having two first round picks allows the Vikings the flexibility to move up, if they want to.  And since this draft is deep and without a large number of players that clearly stand out, the cost to move up is probably going to be much cheaper than previous years.  So, if there is a player they identify as a must get, this is the year to move up.


Tavon Austin

There are two players that will be gone by 23 and I would consider moving up to draft.  Tavon Austin, a WR from West Virgina.  He would basically be your Percy Harvin replacement and plays a similar style.


Star Lotulelei

The other player I would trade up for is Star Lotulelei, a DT from Utah.  Star is a player once considered a top 5 pick, but has fallen a bit because of some issues with his heart.  Although, he will still be picked well before the Vikings pick.  So, if you want him and need a DT, which the Vikings do, you have to trade up.

Vikings GM, Rick Spielman is known for making moves on draft day.  So, it would not surprise me to see the Vikings move up in this draft.  What would surprise me is if they decide to move back in order to acquire more draft picks.  While the Vikings have many needs, I don’t think they need to add additional picks.  They have 11 picks already:

Round 1, Pick 23, No. 23 Overall

Round 1, Pick 25, No. 25 Overall (from Seattle Seahawks)

Round 2, Pick 20, No. 52 Overall

Round 3, Pick 21, No. 83 Overall

Round 4, Pick 5, No. 102 Overall (from Detroit Lions)

Round 4, Pick 23, No. 120 Overall

Round 5, Pick 22, No. 155 Overall

Round 6, Pick 21, No. 189 Overall

Round 7, Pick 7, No. 213 Overall (from Arizona Cardinals)

Round 7, Pick 8, No. 214 Overall (from Seattle Seahawks)

Round 7, Pick 23, No. 229 Overall

Just standing pat with the picks they have will ensure them five of the top 100 players available.  You should be able to fill most of your needs with those five picks.  In fact, if it were me…I might parlay some of the extra picks and move up in the 2nd round.


DJ Hayden

Here is what I think the Vikings will do in the first round.  I believe they pick defense with the first two picks.  They have a huge need for a corner back since Winfield signed with Seattle.  They also don’t have a MLB, unless they look into signing Urlacher after the draft.  They also need a DT to play along side of Kevin Williams.  So, with pick number 23 I think the Vikings will pick CB DJ Hayden from Houston.  He’s a tough corner that can play the slot and is a good tackler.  Something Winfield was great at.  In addition, he also ran a 4.3 in the 40 at his pro day.  There is also an injury factor to consider, but I believe he’s answered those questions.  He actually tore the inferior vena cava (and almost died) and it cost him the rest of this season.  He fits a need for the Vikings, but is also a very good football player.


Manti Te’o

With the 25th overall pick the Vikings select the most controversial player in this years draft.  MLB, from Notre Dame, Manti Te’o.  He’s only controversial because he had a fake girlfriend that died.  He’s guilty of be naïve for sure, but that doesn’t make him a bad person.  And that sure as hell doesn’t take away from his four years of excellence at Notre Dame.  Sure, he played poorly in the National Championship game.  But, his body of work shows a MLB that has excellent instincts and a nose for the ball.

There are my picks for round one: DJ Hayden and Manti Te’o.  I believe the Vikings address another glaring weakness in round two.  I think we see them draft a WR in round two and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them trade up even higher in round two to do it.  Perhaps a WR like Robert Woods from USC.  I also believe the Vikings are very interested in LSU defensive back/kick return Tyrone Mathieu, also known as the Honey Badger.

Will I be right?  Probably not.  But we will find out tomorrow night when the first round is conducted.


Here is an update to my changing shades post about the Minnesota Vikings new uniforms.  I have come across what is believed to be leaked pictures of the actual uniforms to be unveiled Thursday at the Vikings Draft party.

I can not say, with 100% certainty that this photo is legit; however, Kevin Seifert tweeted the photo.  Kevin is an NFC North blogger for ESPN and a former beat writer for the Vikings with the Star Tribune.  So, he is well connected.

Here is the tweet from Seifert with a picture of what he believes are the new Vikings uniforms:

Freakin Snow

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ImageA view from a window here at work.  A classic winter day, a beauty of a scene.  Fresh snow hugging the limbs of a tree.  Until you notice the date on the photo.  Will this winter wonderland ever end?  Damn you Jack Frost!

Our Husky, on the other hand, is loving this right now.  And he seems to mock me while sitting on our deck in 6 inches of snow.  While we have had a month of spring ripped away from us.  He’s gotten an extra month of winter.

70’s by this weekend.  It’s about time.

It’s April 22nd and we are expecting 6-10 inches of snow today here in Minnesota.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  There does seem to be light at the end of this winter tunnel.  Early reports show we should be hitting 70’s by this weekend.  But, it’s depressing to think we have already lost almost a month of spring.

The end of this week will bring about more change than just the weather.  I have talked often about getting a new puppy and have shown updated pictures of the litter throughout.  Well, either this Friday or Saturday, we will be heading north about 3 and a half hours to pick him up.  At this point, he is nameless.  My wife and I have arguing back and forth with names we prefer and so far, neither has budged.  We will come up with something, hopefully in the next day or two.

Here are the most resent pictures we received.  The litter weights range from 15 to 23.1 pounds.  Our boy is the largest puppy in the litter, by far.  Just look at those feet!  He’s going to be a giant.  Which is remarkable considering we went into this process as the last pick of 7 with the preference of the largest male.  We got exactly what we wanted.  To make things even better, the reports we get back about his temperament and personality are very similar to that of Kodi.  We can’t wait to finally meet him.


Real Life 24

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Long night….I started checking some internet forums to find the latest on the Boston suspects, since the photos were finally released.  I came across a photo the FBI hadn’t released and it showed a clear picture of suspect #2 running from the blast site.  The photo was credited to Reddit.  So, I went there and I discovered that the Boston PD scanner actually discussed an address where these two live.  So I clicked the link to the Scanner (4,000 people were listening) and the first thing I heard was “Officer Down!”

They were also looking for a white male in a cowboy hat, which was later changed to a Hispanic looking male for a robbery.  There was also a call for a drowning at a Marriott Hotel pool.  Police were dispatched to a location where several people were outside a house trying “to get my brother out to fight.”  Then, back to the officer down location.  They were more specific, the officer was down at MIT.  It was an MIT officer and they were sending “SWAT”.  They did not say SWAT, they had another term and I don’t remember exactly what it was…but, my understanding it was a term they use for SWAT.  More chatter about a guy in a cowboy hat.

This was a major city and this was the entire cities police feed.  I doubted the police would actually be discussing the Boston Bombers on this frequency.  All this chatter was probably just business as usual in a city like Boston.  Just a typical Thursday night in Boston one poster wrote.

The Wild were recording in the basement, so I shut the scanner feed off and went down to watch the game.  The Wild game was a waste of time.  They lost 5-1.

Time to check for updates.  I tried getting back on the scanner.  38,000 people listening now and I can’t get the feed to work.  Checked a couple forums and everything was going down now.  A shootout at a convenience store, a car jacking by two men that looked Middle Eastern (could this be them?), a car chase, automatic gun fire, “grenades” being thrown at the cops, a final shootout.  They had one and the other was on the run.


courtesy of jraske…bomb robot checking bombers car

I found a link to “live” video coverage from a news outlet in Boston at the scene.  I watched as callers from the “final shootout” scene called in to describe what happened.  One of them had video he submitted to the news outlet that they played.  Hundreds of rounds being fired.  I tried the scanner again….80,000 people listening now.  Can’t get in.


courtesy of jraske. Bomb squad member checking trunk

I look at the clock and it’s a quarter till 2 and I need to get to bed.  I laid in bed with my mind racing; I wasn’t there, but I got to witness some history in real time and it got my adrenalin going.  I got up one more time, around 2:30 AM to check for updates and I read that suspect 1 had died and they were still looking for suspect 2.  It was well after 3AM before I finally fell asleep.

Ok, so why did I write all of this?  I don’t anticipate anyone that reads this to find it interesting or informative.  I wanted to get a timeline of my experience of the events as I remembered them.  And…what ever happened to the “guy in the cowboy hat?”


***Update: Live news is saying there is gun fire going off near a Starbucks right now.  This situation is very fluid.

Bam! New Puppy

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Meet our new puppy. Not named yet. We went into this process hoping for the biggest male. However, we were 7th on the list and 5 in front of us wanted males. So, we would have to wait till everyone else picked and we focused on a female.

Two days ago we find out two backed out and we would be able to get the male left. Well, today another backed out and we got to choose between the two remaining males. He is the biggest Saint in the litter, by far, at a whopping 18.1 pounds at 6.5 weeks. He actually gained 1.6 pounds in half a week. He’s going to be a BIG boy.







Puppy Update

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If you have been following along, you would know we are pick 7 out of 7 puppies and have a male preference.  However, 5 in front of us also have male preference.  So, we have been focusing on the females.

We got a curve ball last night.  An e-mail stating two people backed out and we now get to choose between one of the remaining male puppies and the two females.  At this point, there is no choice.  I really wanted a male dog and now we have the opportunity to have one.  So, we are scrambling to come up with a couple of male names to pick from.

We don’t know which male puppy will be left to us just yet.  But, here are the two remaining:


Male Puppy A


Male Puppy B