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My Favorite Moment

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Early Years, Miss You
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I sit back and think about my favorite moment in your life and I always come back to the day I wore the Mask.  Not the mask pictured above, but another Halloween mask I got from my friend Dan.  I went into my bedroom, pulled up a hooded sweatshirt and put on the mask.  I came out of the room to see what kind of reaction I would get from you and the other two dogs.  To my surprise, you almost tore me apart!  You immediately went after me, hair standing up and you were ready for a fight.

I loved that moment…well, after I quickly took the mask down so you could see me and halt your attack.  It was that moment that I knew my family was protected when I wasn’t around.  Everything felt safer after that moment.  It was surprising because I never saw you get mad before.  Even when the other dogs were “picking on you”…you would just sit there and let them carry on.  You would never hurt a flea…until they threatened one of us.  Thank you for that security.

BTW, good news!  We got our first “like” today.  A guy that lives in Israel.  He has a blog too.  I checked it out and it’s about the brain and how the human mind works, I think.  Stuff I don’t understand.  Maybe I will learn a thing or two from him.  Regardless, you have gone International.


Anna and her puppies (including Kodi)

Well, look at what we found!  Here is a picture of you and your mommy (Anna).  I had forgotten about this picture.  Jennifer just found it and e-mailed me it.  Below is a picture of you and all your brothers and sisters.  I remember when we got you and I could hold you with one hand.  That was well before you ended up over 120 pounds.


Kodi and his brothers and sisters