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Bat Sh*t Crazy

Posted: March 29, 2013 in rant
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Kim Jong-Un

Careful L.A., D.C., Hawaii and Austin, TX.  Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea, has Nuclear Missiles aimed right at you.  Another War with North Korea on the horizon?  This little bastard is out to make quite a name of himself.


Un’s father IL

FACT: Kim Jong-IL, Little Un’s father and former leader, invented the gogigyeoppbang in 2000.  The gogigyeoppbang is two pieces of bread with meat in between.  Or, as we American’s refer to it…a Hamburger.  I’ll have a gogigyeoppbang with cheese and bacon.  Thanks Mr. IL!

I hear all the time, “there is nothing good on TV!”  So, I wonder if Mr. Un thinks starting another Korean War would restart the comedy series MASH.  Maybe that is his motivation.  That was a great show!


Best Golfer!

FACT: Kim Jong-IL is the greatest golfer of all-time.  Sorry Jack and Tiger.  But Mr IL, on his first round of golf ever posted a score of 38 under par.

Maybe…just maybe, Kim Jong-Un loves his people so much that the only way to better their lives is to declare war with the United States in order for the US to rebuild it better as we did for Germany thru the Marshall Plan after WW 2.


Boosting DPRK

FACT: Kim Jong-IL was able to walk at 3 weeks of age and was speaking by 8 weeks.

Perhaps Kim Jong-Un, in relation to the former scenario, has read the book The Mouse that Roared, one too many times.  That book is about a fictional country that starts a war with the United States, even thou its military only consisted of bows and arrows, with the sole intention of losing and being rebuilt (see Marshall Plan above).  They end up winning the war in the book.  Maybe Uny thinks his military can stack up against the might of the United States.



FACT: Kim Jong-Un is just as delusional and crazy as his father.

As they say in the movie Team America, America **** Yeah!”


America, F Yeah


Chasing Shaka

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The Gophers were dismantled by the Florida Gators in the NCAA Basketball tournament.  I discovered, during that game, that the inbounds play might be the hardest thing to do in basketball.  It was as if Tubby and his team never worked on such a basic play.  And don’t get me started on the full-court press the Gators implemented.  It was as if they had 8 men on the court….or the Gophers had no clue on how to break it.  I vote the latter.


I knew Tubby Smith was a goner before he knew he was a goner.  Sure, I was excited when he was hired 6 or 7 years old.  Tubby Smith was a college basketball icon and he was actually coming to the University of MN.

Kentucky, his former school, had decided to go another route.  The Kentucky fans warned us he has lost his way.  Stupid Kentucky Fans we all thought.  Turns out, they were right.  Tubby ran an extremely stall program.  He didn’t recruit well…and when he did land a good recruit, more often than not they ended up transferring.  A bigger problem than that was not a single player got better from their freshman year to their last.  Case in point: Rodney Williams.  Rodney is an athletic freak that, after his Sophomore year, was projected as a top 10 NBA pick.  That was all based on potential; that he never reached.  He never declared for the draft and he leaves after his senior year probably wondering if he will even get picked in the 2nd round.

In order to get the latest breaking news on the coaching search…I was off to various message boards.  If anyone knew what was going on…it was all the “sources” at KFAN and Gopherhole.

The next coach for the Gophers was being speculated even before Monday, when Tubby was finally let go.  So, naturally we all knew who was going to be the next coach.  It was Shaka Smart.  After all, the Gophers AD (Norwood Teague) hired Shaka when he held the same position at VCU.  And, Shaka was a member of Villa-7.  Villa-7?  Everyone knows about Villa-7.  Those “sources” on message boards would discuss the Villa-7 connections with expert conviction.  In reality, none of these people had heard of Villa-7 before.  Villa-7 is a project started by Mark Ellis (head of the U of M basketball operations) and Norwood Teague that was put together to get high quality assistant coaches in college basketball in front of AD’s at Mid-Major colleges.  Shaka was a member and hired at VCU thru this process.



So, naturally Shaka owes Norwood for his career.  And Norwood would have had prior conversations with Shaka about the Gopher’s coaching opening.  So, reports started surfacing that Shaka was the next coach and they were waiting until later in the week to announce it.  Shaka is the perfect coach to add some excitement to the program and potentially sway MN based top recruits Tyus Jones (number 1 point guard in the country), Rashad Vaughn (number 2 shooting guard) and Reid Travis (4 star power forward) to committing to the Gophers.

Shaka spotting at the airport!  It was reported that Shaka was seen at the MSP airport.  Message boards were buzzing with the fact that Shaka was already in Minnesota.  This was great news and I couldn’t wait until Tuesday.  They will probably announce it then.


Listening to the radio in the morning and scanning the message boards.  A call into KFAN from a former Minnesota High School basketball player that has “connections” to the East Coast basketball community reports he was told Shaka is turning down every college offer because he has told them he will be the next coach at the University of Minnesota.  Good to hear…but we already know that from our online “sources”.

I decided to find a VCU message board to see how much crying they are doing.  It’s was going to be hilarious.  I was confident they were going to be ripping Minnesota and their soon-to-be former coach.  Nothing.  They had a several page thread about Shaka and Minnesota.  But, they acted as if they knew Shaka was staying.  Stupid, ignorant fans.  When you wake up you will find yourselves without a coach.  Oh well.


A Tweet!

This was the day.  The original Shaka sighting on Monday at the airport were false.  But a legitimate source confirms Shaka was in fact in Minnesota on this day.  Press conference to be announced for the afternoon I figured.  The “source” was legit.  It was a tweet from @areacodes.  This guy is from Minnesota, but is plugged into the AZ basketball scene now.  He’s excited…I’m excited.  I learn on the message boards he’s legit because he has almost 1,600 twitter followers.  I text my brother “my sources are telling me it’s a done deal”, he responds “That’s good news!”  Good news indeed.

This source was so plugged in he had the contract offer numbers of 7 years and more than 3 million a year.  VCU can’t match that.  He’s only paid 1.2 million a year as it is.  It’s a wrap.

Message board “sources” soon look for flight aware data for recent flights from Richmond, VA to MSP.  There were none.  But as a poster said:

The AD and coaches are on to the Flight Aware tracking done by fans/media. They’ve developed counter-measures to stop people from figuring out who is traveling to where:

1. Blocking tail number
2. Diverting flight in air
3. 1 hop-routing (Richmond -> Ft. Wayne -> Mpls )
4. Meeting at neutral site


Obvious Fake

In the wake of that tweet, a VCU fan tweets a tweet of his own.  This picture of Shaka wearing a VCU shirt at the school cafeteria.  Seriously dude, what are you trying to prove.  Everyone already knows Shaka is in MN.  @areacodes told us this.  Plus, we just flew him in from Richmond on a multi stop flight.

Soon, the message board CSI experts start to analyze the angle of sunlight coming thru the widows and other clues and it was determined with utmost certainty that this picture was taken some other time.  Maybe even a year ago.

The Annoucment

Mid afternoon it was announced that Shaka Smart signed……an extension with VCU that would pay him 1.5 million a year.  I was duped…a lot of us were duped.  How could our “sources” be so wrong?

The reality of the situation is that Norwood probably did speak to Shaka.  Probably even before he fired Tubby.  And Norwood probably knew all along Shaka was not a candidate to coach in MN.  So, who does he have in mind for the position?  My sources are telling me it’s a Villa-7 member.  Stay tuned!

Guest Writer

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I have employed a guest writer for my blog.  I have asked her to write one entry per week.  Hopefully she can come up with enough material and that she actually fulfills her end of the contract.  If not, I suppose I can take away her barbies.  Yep…my 8 year old daughter Mia has agreed to write once a week.  Needless to say, the material on this blog will probably improve.  As you can all tell…Eye aint the best righter in the world.  And as you can see, I make spelling and grammatical errors all the time.  But, I never proclaim to be a writer…or a very interesting person.

Geared or RAW

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I saw this video on Yahoo! Sports and it is pretty impressive.  A high school kid benching 700 pounds.  In the article they compared the kid to former Dallas Cowboy Larry Allen, who holds the NFL record of a 700 pound bench.  There are a couple differences; however.  The HS kid is using a bench shirt; whereas, Larry Allen benched his 700 pounds RAW.


Inzer Bench Shirt

Bench shirts are usually made of polyester, denim, or canvas and come in single- or multi-ply thicknesses and were developed sometime in the 1980’s as a tool to help prevent injuries to the deltoid’s and pec’s during heavy bench workouts.  However, it was discovered that lifters could also lift a lot more weight because of these shirts.

I don’t personally use a bench shirt, and never have.  And it is a hotly contested topic among power lifters.  With that said, I am not against those using bench shirts.  I can understand the reasons, those beyond injury prevention.

Motivation is the most important thing to lifters, IMO.  You have to maintain some level of motivation to continue to lift heavy objects.  During your lifting career, you will experience many ups and downs in your motivation.  If you don’t have enough up’s, you can find yourself turning your back on the gym.

Lifting shirts can provide additional motivation.  Your confidence will increase because you aren’t as worried about injury and the weight will continue to go up as you learn and master the bench shirt technique, thus increasing your motivation.


Scot Mendelson

On May 22, 2005, Scot Mendelson set the record for the highest RAW bench press of 715 pounds.  He also holds the record (in the 275-pound class) in the assisted (bench shirt), with a press of 1,031, which he did in 2009.  Ryan Kennelly holds the record in the assisted bench with a lift of 1,075.

I put the year the record was broken for a reason.  I find it interesting that Mendelson broke the record in 2005 and it hasn’t been touched since.  I can’t help but think the main reason for that is because a majority of power lifters are converting to assisted benches because that is where the big numbers happen and as a result, there is more money to be made.  That’s all the motivation you need right there.

I lift alone…in my basement.  If I didn’t, I would be more interested in “gearing up”.  It takes at least one other person (maybe even two) to even assist you putting on the shirt.  So, unless my wife agrees to it…it’s probably not in my cards.  Although, the form and technique required to master the shirt and get the best out of it is something I would enjoy taking head on.

One last note.  Larry Allen’s 700-pound bench would not have counted in a lifting contest; whereas the HS kids would have.  Larry basically bounced the weight off his chest with no pause.

They say spring is coming.  Well, one look outside and I disagree.  It’s cold and we still have a lot of snow.  One year ago, we had our trampoline put up and Mia was doing back flips on it while wearing a sun dress.  Fast forward one year and I am trying to figure out how the Minnesota Twins are going to play their season opener next Monday.

ImageImageImageOver the weekend, we got some updated puppy pictures.  The puppies are now 26 days old and weigh between 5 ¼ and 7 ½ pounds.  Once again, we are focusing on the females in this litter.

We watched This is Forty over the weekend.  We had heard this was a hilarious movie.  So, we actually bought it.  It started off with some good laughs, less so in the middle and the end was horrible.  They left a ton of things open.  We asked each other: “what did they do about this” and “what did they do about that”?  This is Forty, Minutes too Long, is a more appropriate title to this movie.  In hindsight, we should have rented it from the RedBox in lieu of buying the Blu-Ray.

March Madness has come and gone and it was a good tournament.  Dake verses Taylor was as good as advertised.  Going into the match Dake hadn’t allowed a point in his previous four matches.  Taylor was more dominate with four pins in his previous four matches.


Kyle Dake – 165 pound Champ

The match started off with a quick takedown from Taylor.  At that point, I was a bit worried.  However, Dake quickly earned an escape and followed that up with a takedown of his own.  The final score was 5-4, in favor of Dake.  In doing so, Dake made history by being the first wrestler to win four National Championships in four different weight classes.


2013 Individual Champs

Penn State ended up winning the team championship for the third straight year.  The Gophers ended up in third and had one champion, HWY Tony Nelson (his 2nd).  Oklahoma State got 2nd.

In the other event (basketball)…some refer to as March Madness, both my Iowa State Cyclones and Minnesota Gophers lost in the second round.  So, my interest in that event went from “somewhat interested” to “not interested”.

March Madness

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March Madness

March Madness has begun!  The real March Madness that is.  The 2013 NCAA Wrestling Championships are currently underway in my home state of Iowa, at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IA.  I wish I was there!

I know, this time of year everyone in the sports world is captivated with some kind of basketball tournament.  But, that doesn’t appeal to me.  I would much rather watch wrestling.  Of course, you can’t find the wrestling tournament on TV (expect the finals), which really pisses me.


Kyle Dake


David Taylor

I look forward to seeing if the best wrestler (Cornell’s Kyle Dake) since Cael Sanderson can win another title.  His toughest test yet (Penn State’s David Taylor) will be waiting for him in the finals.  They have met before with Dake coming out with a narrow victory, but there will be more on the line this time.  It should be an epic showdown.

So, until the finals…you can follow the results on  Go Cyclones and Go Gophers!

It’s been almost a week since NFL Free Agency started and I posted what I was hoping the Vikings would do. I missed all three. Andy Levitre signed a deal with the Titans. I still believe the Vikings should have been more active in trying to improve the middle of their offensive line. And Levitre would have been a great choice.

Philip Wheeler signed with the Dolphins, who have been very active in free agency. The Vikings had two starting LB’s as UFA’s…so, there was a need to sign some LB’s; however, they showed no interest in Wheeler and ended up re-signing one of their own, Erin Henderson. Meanwhile, last seasons starting MLB, Jasper Brinkley signed with the Cardinals.


Brian Urlacher in purple?

So, the Vikings are still in need of a MLB and there have been reports there is mutual interest between the Vikings and long time Chicago Bear MLB Brian Urlacher. I have a hard time believing this will happen. Personally, I believe he stays in Chicago. Urlacher is a HUGE name, but can he still play? I think it would be fun to have him in purple. If anything, he’s a veteran that can help stabilize the defense. Which is important since the Vikings cut long time CB Antoine Winfield, which was due a little more than 7 million next year. Regarding Winfield, I truly hope the Vikings will reach out to him about signing back for next season. While he isn’t the cover corner he once was, there isn’t a DB in the league that can play the run like Antoine. And he’s a great guy.


Matt Cassel

Lastly, the QB I wanted was Chase Daniel. He, almost immediately signed with the Chiefs. I was a little surprised he went there since the Chiefs recently traded for Alex Smith to be their starting QB and I think he had a better chance starting over Ponder. Because of that signing, the Chiefs cut former starting QB Matt Cassel. The Vikings jumped at that and signed him to back up Ponder.


Greg Jennings

The Vikings ended up signing 8 out of 10 of their own free agents. The most important being Phil Loadholt. In addition to that, they made a huge splash and signed former top WR from the hated Green Bay Packers, Greg Jennings. I mentioned in my previous post that WR wouldn’t have been my concern and I was worried about the cost of signing Jennings. However, the market for WR was actually a lot lower than I anticipated. Jennings was given a 5 year deal. Jennings is a very good WR and is also a great teammate.


Manti Te’o

Free agency is not over and I assume the Vikings will remain active and sign some lower tier players. Unless they surprise and go after Urlacher hard. So, leading up to the draft I suspect the Vikings will target a WR and LB with their two first round picks (they got #25 overall for Percy Harvin). While he’s been the joke of college football for getting “catfished” and having a fake dead girlfriend (the most bizarre sports related story I have ever heard), having a poor game in the National Championship and running a slow time in the combine…I fully expect the Vikings to be interesed in Manti Te’o with the 25th overall pick. Prior to the National Championship, Teo was looked as a lock to go top 15. Now, he will slip and some say into the 2nd round. The Vikings have made a habit of drafting “Golden Domers” and I believe Te’o is purple.

The WR pick is a bit more complicated. I believe they need to target Tavon Austin. But, I don’t think he will be there come the 23rd overall pick. He’s basically a smaller version of Percy Harvin and has big play capabilities. I don’t believe he gets past the Rams selection. There is a chance they could use the 23rd pick and a 2nd rounder to move up a few slots to get him…but there are a few WR’s I like almost as much as Austin. So, staying at 23 and drafting the next best WR is probably the route the Vikings go.


The Honey Badger

Lastly, I want the Vikings to come out of this draft with the Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu). Even if that means drafting him in the 2nd. There is a lot of talk about the Honey Badger dropping to rounds 3 or 4…but picking late in the 3rd means there are 22 teams ahead of you that can, and probably will pick him. He comes with baggage, but his talent can not be refuted.